13 IX 2017

Minister Macierewicz in France

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Co-operation on the NATO Eastern flank, cooperation between the defense industries of Poland and France and issues related to the common defense policy of Europe are the main themes of talks between defense minister Antoni Macierewicz and French Minister of Defense Florence Parly.

zdjęcie - Minister Macierewicz in France
Minister Antoni Macierewicz

On Wednesday, September 13th, at the invitation of Minister of the Armed Forces of France, the Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz paid a visit to Paris and held, among others, meetings with representatives of the French Ministry of Defense and with representatives of MBDA group.

As Minister Antoni Macierewicz said after the meeting at the Ministry of the Armed Forces of France: – It was a very good meeting during which talks were held on European security, NATO battlegroups and our joint relations within NATO framework. We also discussed issues related to the operation of the multinational headquarter in Elbląg and the possible France involvement in this project.

During the meeting, issues related to Permanent Structured Cooperation on defence were also discussed. – I stressed during the talks the need for such a common defense of Europe that is oriented also towards cooperation with countries like Georgia, Moldova and above all Ukraine. Although of course we are aware that this is a matter that will still be discussed – said the head of the Polish MOD.

– France participates in talks related to the submarine contract. This contract is very important to us. We also have talks with Sweden and Germany. There are still issues that are open, nonetheless French offer is certainly interesting – said Minister Antoni Macierewicz in Paris.

Discussing defense industry issues in the context of Polish - French cooperation, the head of the Polish Ministry of National Defense pointed out that the discussion focused on the French offer of the submarines integrated with maneuvering missiles.

– This is an interesting offer. The offer, which certainly has the future, which next to the German and Swedish, will be taken into account by Poland. Our conversation itself was preceded by a visit to MBDA site, a company that together with the Naval Group is responsible for the construction of the submarine and its integration with maneuvering missiles. What we saw was optimistic with regards to the French potential and effectiveness – noted Minister Macierewicz.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense also stressed that Poland is keen to ensure that the contract for the purchase of submarines is signed as soon as possible. – The submarine contract is one of our most important modernization contracts, and certainly the most important contract for our Navy.

– It is very important for Poland to sign a reciprocal contract which not only would create the prospect of effective weapon swift delivery and implementation, but it would also result in continuous French-Polish co-operation – said the head of MOD.

Minister Macierewicz underlined that Poland is keen on defense industries cooperation and that if this cooperation is to be effective it must be bilateral.

During the visit, Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz also met with Polish Ambassador to France Tomasz Młynarski.

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