05 IX 2017

NATO Response Forces in Gdynia

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On Saturday 2nd September, a team of 4 Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1) arrived to the  Gdynia Harbor and moored at the French Quay.
zdjęcie - NATO Response Forces in Gdynia

 The SNMG1 fleet consists of three missile frigates: the Norwegian HNoMS Otto Sverdrup, the Portuguese NRP Francisco de Almeida, the Canadian HMCS Charlottetown and the German cargo ship - FGS Rhoen. Commander of the frigate team and navy destroyers Captain Petter Kammerhuber with the delegation  were hosted by the  commander of 3rd Ship Flotilla -  Rear Admiral Krzysztof Jaworski.

NATO Response Forces in Gdynia

The team is leaving Gdynia on Tuesday, September 5.
NATO Standing Ships Team was formed on January 1968 as a STANAVFORLANT (Standing Naval Force Atlantic). In 2003, the name of the Group was changed  into Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG-1) and subordinated to the NATO’s Allied Command Operations. Currently SNMG-1 is a part of the NATO Response Force.

NATO Response Forces in Gdynia
The SNMG-1 is one of two permanent North Atlantic Alliance naval team which consists of selected navy destroyers and frigates of the Member States. The team also consists of units from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands, which are regularly supported by ships from Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Spain and Poland.
SNMG-1 conducts exercises both as a team composition and also with naval forces
of NATO member states and the Partnership for Peace. The multinational elite team is maintained to the highest degree of combat readiness and is designed to immediate respond to emergencies, peacekeeping and war operations. Ships operate in the Atlantic and in all European waters and are the best-trained international strike team of its kind in the world.
By fulfilling tasks on the sea SNMG-1 monitor sailing, control suspicious units, conduct blockade actions and evacuate endangered populations, the SNMG-1 also serve as a base for marines and special units performing inland tasks.
The North Atlantic Alliance maintains four units in a rotary service. Two of them are frigate teams, two are designed for mine actions. The main task of these multinational naval  fleet is to demonstrate the solidarity of the alliance members and implement one of the most important defense task - to ensure the safety of the strategic maritime routes.
Source: Polish Navy.

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