06 IX 2017

Polish soldiers awarded

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Gen. Brigadier US Army Kate Leahy and US Vice Marshal John Law awarded Polish soldiers.
The military received honorable mentions for service during the 15th rotation in Polish Military Contingent  in Afghanistan.
zdjęcie - Polish soldiers awarded

The ceremony took place during the XXV International Defense Industry Exhibition. The Americans awarded our soldiers with two different distinctions: the commended medals and the Combat Action Badge.
Medals were awarded to officers that stand out during common Polish-American operations in Afghanistan. The combat action badge was awarded to soldiers who showed a special bravery during combat operations. The distinction was received by the troops mainly from the 1st Armored Brigade, that during the XV th. rotation were attacked by the rebels. The event took place during a routine patrol near Bagram base.
Soldiers that  were attacked by the enemy, for an hour successfully defended, finally repelling the enemy's attack.

Polish soldiers awarded

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