14 VIII 2017

Polish-Ukrainian cooperation

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- For Poland sovereign Ukraine is a strategic partner and we will support Ukraine's independence in all possible ways - said Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz after meeting with Gen. Stepan Połtorak.
zdjęcie - Polish-Ukrainian cooperation

On Monday, August 14, Minister of National Defense of Ukraine Gen. Stepan Połtorak paid a visit to Poland on invitation of minister Antoni Macierewicz.

- Our talks focused on the cooperation of the defense industries, but also on military cooperation in training and exercises. Poland is the only country that signed an agreement with Ukraine on military cooperation - said Antoni Macierewicz, on press conference after the meeting.

Minister Macierewicz stressed in his statement that the Ukrainian delegation was in Poland, among other things to celebrate Polish independence. - Minister Połtorak came especially to celebrate Poland's independence, the Battle of Warsaw, the great victory that we have received over the Bolsheviks together, because the Ukrainian troops fought alongside the Polish troops - said the head of the Defense Ministry.

- During today's meeting we discussed safety issues in Europe and around the world. I informed minister Antoni Macierewicz about the situation in Ukraine, the dangers that are constantly present on the part of the Russian Federation. We discussed issues related to improving the cooperation of the armed forces of Poland and Ukraine. We also discussed issues related to defense industry cooperation and those related to the functioning of the multinational brigade - said Minister S. Połtorak.

Minister Połtorak submitted to the head of the Polish Ministry of Defense the appreciation for his help and ongoing cooperation. - I wanted to confirm that Poland is, was and will always be a strategic partner for Ukraine. I would like to thank the Polish people for their support of Ukraine in a difficult time. Ukraine has changed. Ukraine is a European country. Ukraine was and will remain independent. Thank you Minister for your support, for the help and for the very good relations.

In the evening, defense ministers of Poland and Ukraine laid flowers on the grave of Gen. Bezruczka, who - as minister Antoni Macierewicz emphasized at the conference - defended Polish borders and commanded defense at key points attacked by the Bolsheviks in the 1920s.




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