Ministry of National Defence Republic of Poland Ministry of National Defence Republic of Poland RSS channel Poland's position on the international arena is growing The North Atlantic Alliance confirmed this course of action, which was given in Warsaw in 2016, so strengthening NATO defense ... >12 07 2018 We are developing the defense capabilities of our country <p>- <em>Matters that will be discussed among the heads of governments and heads of state concern the increase of </em><em>defense ... >11 07 2018 About the regional security Polish-Slovak cooperation in the bilateral dimension, as well as within NATO, the European Union and the Visegrad Group were the ... >04 07 2018 Cooperation within NATO is a guarantee of security <span>–</span> Service of Alliance soldiers, among others here in Latvia is a proof that the groundbreaking decisions taken at the ... >28 06 2018 To effectively use the EU programs <span>– </span>PESCO is to complement the defense capabilities created by NATO. It is important to us that the opportunities created ... >25 06 2018 Together for regional security - We are grateful that British troops are stationed in Poland, that we can train together, that our troops improve ... >21 06 2018 PL-US missile defense cooperation <p>Tomasz Szatkowski, undersecretary of state in the Ministry of National Defense, held talks with the Director of the US Missile ... >14 06 2018 EUCOM deputy commander visit Current issues of Polish-American cooperation in the field of security and defense were the main topic of the conversation between ... >14 06 2018 Better coordination of exercises between the Northern Group states - Today we meet as part of the Northern Group, but we are talking about cooperation on a pan-European scale, ... >08 06 2018 A coherent response of NATO countries to threats - We are pleased that the initiative under the name 4 x 30 to improve the armed forces' readiness takes ... >07 06 2018 NATO allies cooperation is a guarantee of security Strengthening security efforts and the presence of allied troops on the eastern flank are the main topics discussed by Mariusz ... >28 05 2018 Poland ready to act in the allied system - Classic threats have not disappeared. To improve NATO deterrence and defense capabilities, a more efficient Alliance command structure is ... >27 05 2018 We are strengthening security and we are a solidary ally - Serving in Latvia, you show solidarity with our allies from NATO every day. The decisions taken at the NATO ... >27 05 2018 A great Polish celebrations in Estonia <p> - This is an extraordinary year and an unusual cruise of ‘Dar Młodzieży’ (‘The gift of Youth’) sailing ship. ... >26 05 2018 Cooperation between Poland and Estonia is strong - We talked with the defense minister about the challenges we face today. Polish-Estonian cooperation is very strong. One of ... >25 05 2018 Polish-Romanian intergovernmental consultations The security situation on the eastern and southern flanks of the North Atlantic Alliance dominated the talks of Mariusz Błaszczak, ... >25 05 2018 In homage to Monte Cassino <p>-It was said that Monte Cassino is impossible to conquer, that no one can handle it. The Polish soldier proved ... >18 05 2018 "Love of the Fatherland and freedom" <p>- You have always been faithful to Poland, you have always been faithful to the message that can be expressed ... >17 05 2018 NATO "Tigers" train at Krzesiny air base <p> - In the year of the hundredth anniversary of regaining independence by Poland, we are hosting in Poland, here ... >15 05 2018 A greater share of Poland in PESCO programs <p>- Poland joined two programs under PESCO. I have declared that Poland will join another six in the next few ... >05 05 2018 We strengthen our relations with the USA <p>– <em>I am optimistic about increasing the American military presence in Poland. Decision are on the right path</em> – assured ... >27 04 2018 Poland contributes to global security <p>- During talks in Washington, I will present our proposals related to among others an increase in the number of ... >25 04 2018 “There is no stronger partnership than our cooperation” <p>I’m grateful to the Governor of the State of Illinois that on August 15th, this extremely important date, the day ... >19 04 2018 Poland and Pakistan together for security <p>Bilateral cooperation and security policy were the main topics discussed by the Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak and ... >18 04 2018 About the role of the JFC <p>Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defense met on Thursday, April 12 with General Riccardo Marchio' from the Italian armed forces, ... >12 04 2018