Ministry of National Defence Republic of Poland Ministry of National Defence Republic of Poland RSS channel PL-US missile defense cooperation <p>Tomasz Szatkowski, undersecretary of state in the Ministry of National Defense, held talks with the Director of the US Missile ... >14 06 2018 EUCOM deputy commander visit Current issues of Polish-American cooperation in the field of security and defense were the main topic of the conversation between ... >14 06 2018 Better coordination of exercises between the Northern Group states - Today we meet as part of the Northern Group, but we are talking about cooperation on a pan-European scale, ... >08 06 2018 A coherent response of NATO countries to threats - We are pleased that the initiative under the name 4 x 30 to improve the armed forces' readiness takes ... >07 06 2018 NATO allies cooperation is a guarantee of security Strengthening security efforts and the presence of allied troops on the eastern flank are the main topics discussed by Mariusz ... >28 05 2018 Poland ready to act in the allied system - Classic threats have not disappeared. To improve NATO deterrence and defense capabilities, a more efficient Alliance command structure is ... >27 05 2018 We are strengthening security and we are a solidary ally - Serving in Latvia, you show solidarity with our allies from NATO every day. The decisions taken at the NATO ... >27 05 2018 A great Polish celebrations in Estonia <p> - This is an extraordinary year and an unusual cruise of ‘Dar Młodzieży’ (‘The gift of Youth’) sailing ship. ... >26 05 2018 Cooperation between Poland and Estonia is strong - We talked with the defense minister about the challenges we face today. Polish-Estonian cooperation is very strong. One of ... >25 05 2018 Polish-Romanian intergovernmental consultations The security situation on the eastern and southern flanks of the North Atlantic Alliance dominated the talks of Mariusz Błaszczak, ... >25 05 2018 In homage to Monte Cassino <p>-It was said that Monte Cassino is impossible to conquer, that no one can handle it. The Polish soldier proved ... >18 05 2018 "Love of the Fatherland and freedom" <p>- You have always been faithful to Poland, you have always been faithful to the message that can be expressed ... >17 05 2018 NATO "Tigers" train at Krzesiny air base <p> - In the year of the hundredth anniversary of regaining independence by Poland, we are hosting in Poland, here ... >15 05 2018 A greater share of Poland in PESCO programs <p>- Poland joined two programs under PESCO. I have declared that Poland will join another six in the next few ... >05 05 2018 We strengthen our relations with the USA <p>– <em>I am optimistic about increasing the American military presence in Poland. Decision are on the right path</em> – assured ... >27 04 2018 Poland contributes to global security <p>- During talks in Washington, I will present our proposals related to among others an increase in the number of ... >25 04 2018 “There is no stronger partnership than our cooperation” <p>I’m grateful to the Governor of the State of Illinois that on August 15th, this extremely important date, the day ... >19 04 2018 Poland and Pakistan together for security <p>Bilateral cooperation and security policy were the main topics discussed by the Polish Minister of National Defense Mariusz Błaszczak and ... >18 04 2018 About the role of the JFC <p>Mariusz Błaszczak, Minister of National Defense met on Thursday, April 12 with General Riccardo Marchio' from the Italian armed forces, ... >12 04 2018 Agreement for the "WISŁA" system - On the Vistula River it is safe thanks to the fact that today we are signing a contract that ... >29 03 2018 We are developing regional cooperation <p>The V4 defence cooperation as well as its prospects were the main issues discussed during the V4 Defence Ministers meeting ... >28 03 2018 "Freedom must be constantly won" <p>On Monday, Andrzej Duda, the President of the Republic of Poland, the Superior of the Armed Forces and Mariusz Błaszczak, ... >27 03 2018 We strengthen the Polish-American relationship <p>The threats to the regional and global security as well as the Polish-US cooperation aimed at addressing those challenges were ... >22 03 2018 NATO battalions in Poland – proof of effectiveness <p>Security issues in Europe and the presence of the NATO Treaty battlegroups in the countries of the Alliance's eastern flank ... >16 03 2018 Transatlantic cooperation On the 14th of March 2018, the meeting of a Polish-U.S. High Level Defense Group (HLDG) has been held.<br /><br ... >15 03 2018