Ministry of National Defence Republic of Poland Ministry of National Defence Republic of Poland RSS channel We develop Polish-American cooperation in the area of cyber security and military education The education and motivation system for soldiers involved in cyber projects, cooperation in cybersecurity and cyber defence and good practices ... >12 12 2018 Command in Elbląg ready for new challenges - Thank you to all who participated in the Anaconda 18 exercise - to soldiers from Poland, but also to ... >10 12 2018 New Armed Forces Development Program Strengthening of combat potential and improvement of operational capabilities, including priority treatment of the north-east flank by, among others, acceleration ... >28 11 2018 Safety on the eastern flank – a common goal of Poland and Lithuania - Our military cooperation with Lithuania is very good. We are joined by the fact that together we put a ... >26 11 2018 Polish soldiers will train at NATO IT Academy Transformation of national and allied information systems, cooperation in cybersecurity and joint training - these are the main topics of ... >26 11 2018 Bases of US troops in Poland are the benefit to NATO - NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg admitted that the increased presence of American troops in Poland, on the eastern flank ... >19 11 2018 The future of the European Union security policy - PESCO is a collection of programs that give a chance to strengthen defense capabilities based on NATO – Defence ... >18 11 2018 The Visegrad Group's one voice on security - We are unanimous in matters of security and of strengthening defense capabilities. These are the priorities of all our ... >15 11 2018 The US Senators support the increased presence of US troops in Poland - Today I heard words of support from senators who declared their support for the whole concept of strengthening the ... >15 11 2018 Next step towards increasing the presence of US troops in Poland - We have heard today specific proposals regarding our project and the first evaluation by the Pentagon. We will also ... >15 11 2018 Polish-German cooperation important for security in the region Strengthening bilateral cooperation and development of projects that have a significant contribution to regional, European and transatlantic security are the ... >07 11 2018 The foundation of Fort Trump is an investment in our security - We talked about the Fort Trump project - about the US base in Poland. We want the US military ... >30 10 2018 Poles support the permanent presence of US troops in our country More than half of Poles support the efforts of the Polish government to establish a permanent base of US troops ... >29 10 2018 New EU defense initiatives serve the security of Poland The process of implementation of the new defense initiatives, in particular PESCO and prospects for the development of the defense ... >17 10 2018 Polish offer regarding permanent bases reviewed in the Pentagon - This is my another conversation and meeting with the US Secretary of Defense. We are working very hard to ... >05 10 2018 Talks about increasing the number of US soldiers in Poland Polish-American relations, increasing the presence of US troops in Poland and implementing decisions of the NATO Summit were the main ... >29 09 2018 MOD head at the Warsaw conference of the most important NATO military authority - The NATO Military Committee is important also today, when NATO once again adapts to new challenges coming from Russia's ... >29 09 2018 The Military Committee implements the decisions of the NATO Summit The role of the Military Committee in the development and implementation of allied decisions and the presence of NATO troops ... >28 09 2018 Poland and Italy cooperate in the EU SOPHIA operation The development of cooperation in the military and armaments areas was the main topic of talks between Mariusz Błaszczak, the ... >25 09 2018 A closer Polish-US partnership in military matters - We are pleased that Poland is the leader when it comes to defense spending. Poland fulfills its obligations. We ... >18 09 2018 Minister Blaszczak in The Washington Times: American base in Poland will strengthen regional security - Ever since Russia invaded Georgia a decade ago, the world has known the Kremlin will use its military to ... >17 09 2018 I count on the permanent presence of US troops in Poland - This is a certain process, the result of which, I hope, will be the fact of permanent presence of ... >17 09 2018 Polish general commands the MNCNE <p>- Multinational Corps North - East has already marked its presence on the map of European security. General Wojciechowski, who ... >13 09 2018 Defence Minister Błaszczak decided to create a new mechanized division <p>- I decided to create a new division of the Polish Army, whose command will be located in Siedlce. The ... >09 09 2018 The new Operational Commander - Major General Tomasz Piotrowski is an officer who has the appropriate knowledge to take the position of Operational Commander. ... >08 09 2018