Ministry of National Defence Republic of Poland Ministry of National Defence Republic of Poland RSS channel The defense minister visit to Estonia <p><em>- We talked today about the military and political cooperation, in the frameworks of NATO and the EU as well. ... >14 03 2017 Poland’s 18 years in the NATO - For Poland NATO presence on the NATO Eastern flank, in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, in our ... >13 03 2017 Polish-British talks On March 8th Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of National Defence of Poland Mr Tomasz Szatkowski met Sir Alan ... >10 03 2017 EU Defence Ministers meeting <em>- All EU action in the field of defense must be coordinated with NATO and cannot conflict with the analogous ... >10 03 2017 CI COE accredited Centre has earned status as the 24th NATO COE and activation as a NATO military body The NATO Counter Intelligence ... >06 03 2017 Visit in Kingdom of Jordan Deputy minister of national defence Bartłomiej Kownacki visited the capital of Jordan. >05 03 2017 Senate Speaker visited MOD On Thursday, March 2, Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz met with the Speaker of the Senate of Romania, Călin Popescu-Tariceanu. >02 03 2017 Minister Macierewicz at the Munich Security Conference <p><em><strong>-</strong> We end this conference undoubtedly strengthened with confidence that NATO will be a strong guarantor of security of Poland ... >18 02 2017 Meeting of the V4 defense ministers <em>- Countries of the Visegrad Group agree in all essentials, including the European defense and that the guarantor of the ... >02 02 2017 American Troops Arrive in Poland On Thursday, 12 January, a symbolic welcome took place of American soldiers, part of the ABCT (Armored Brigade Combat Team) ... >12 01 2017 Senate Commission Welcomes the Defence Ministry Budget On Wednesday, the Senate National Defense Commission positively opined (and without any amendments) the State defense spending budget for 2017. >04 01 2017 2016 in the General Command of the Types of Armed Forces (DG RSZ) More than 140 national and 150 international exercises, close to 40,000 training center graduates, 10,000 preparatory service candidates and 13,000 ... >30 12 2016 Bartosz Kownacki Speaks Out on the Year at the Defence Ministry In the "Polish Point of View" (Pol.: Polski punkt widzenia), a TV program aired on “TV Trwam,” the Deputy Minister ... >28 12 2016 Defence Ministry Communique Defence Ministry Communique concerning statement issued by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Poland. >28 12 2016 Christmas Greetings from Defence Minister A. Macierewicz A Christmas greeting from the Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz: >24 12 2016 The Defence Ministry Head Visits Afghanistan “You are but a few, but you have contributed so much to the entire Polish nation. Remember this during our ... >22 12 2016 The Defence Ministry Head Visits Kuwait “It has indeed been a very long time since so much depended on so few. You are our national treasure. ... >21 12 2016 A Day of Remembrance The main, solemn ceremony took place on Wednesday in Warsaw, in memory of the Fallen and Deceased in various missions ... >21 12 2016 The Latest JASSM Missiles for Poland’s F–16’s On Tuesday, 20 December, Secretary of State in the Ministry of National Defence Bartosz Kownacki personally met at the Pentagon ... >20 12 2016 Meeting with the Diplomatic Corps On Monday 19 December, Undersecretary of the Ministry of National Defence Tomasz Szatkowski met with the Military Diplomatic Corps accredited ... >19 12 2016 Poland’s Defence Ministry Head at the LITPOLUKBRIG Certification “Today we conducted exercises certifying the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade. These exercises end the preparation process whose goal was to achieve combat ... >15 12 2016 Polish-Ukranian Talks On Wednesday, 14 December, the Deputy Defence Ministers of Poland and Ukraine met for the third round of the Polish-Ukrainian ... >14 12 2016 Meeting with Gen. Hodges “By the end of January 2017, a U.S. Armored Brigade Combat Team will be stationed in Poland, while in April ... >14 12 2016 Presentation of Martial Law Era Documents “We are taking legal steps to implement military demotions for both Mr. Jaruzelski and Mr. Kiszczak. These criminals responsible for ... >13 12 2016 Anniversary of the Introduction of Martial Law Poland’s Minister of National Defence Antoni Macierewicz was taking part in solemn ceremonies entitled: "<em>They’ve wrenched our hearts, but we ... >12 12 2016